Interactive map over Nazca geoglyphs (Peru, 200 BC - 600 AD)

Area around Palpa and Nazca in the southwest of Peru. Ca: Adobe pyramid area of Cahuachi. Each of the around 1500 symbols covers a raster sqare of ca. 550 m. Yellow squares with black X: sure geoglyph(s) in favorable view; yellow dots: sure geoglyph(s); yellow X: linear structure(s) only; green dots: uncertain geoglyphs or lines; S-symbols: geoglyphs of the Palpa area without sufficient satellite pictures: direct link to Karsten Lambers' online map of Palpa geoglyphs. After clicking on a symbol there appears (with exception of the darker marked area near Palpa) a GoogleMaps satellite picture (notice conditions of use, please). In the name box below, after "lll:" the following abbreviations will occur: L for line(s), F for bigger rectangular or trapezoid geoglyphs, T for smaller trapezes, spir für spirals, zentr für centers of lines. Occurently, the position within the visible area is included: rchts for right, lnks for left, obn for above, untn for below. x means several objects, zick zig-zag-lines, haufn rows of stone heaps, unf incompleted structures, fig figural objects, kreis cirles, weh wind erosion, zerst destroyed, graf and rez recent grafitti and objects. According to its size, a single structure may cover more than one raster square of each 0.05 degrees of geographical latitude and longitude (square centers; map datum WSG 84). Especially in the western and southern areas, most geoglyphs are recognizable only very faintly. Oftenly it is hardly possible to distinguish geoglyph lines from the all-over spread driving traces.
Best View with screen resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels and full screen view (f. i. with F11, no favorites, no status field etc). If not, screen view will be much smaller than a raster square. Left and right, the full screen Google Maps pictures are some pixels bigger in size then the raster squares, above and below they are a bit smaller. So, in doubt you should move it a bit towards top resp. bottom. Recommended internet browser: Mozilla Firefox. Back to interactive map by ALT-arrow left!
If the map is shown too small, alter the following browser options: extra –> options –> expanded (or multimedia) –> "diminuishing large graphics" or "automatical adjusting of screen size" must not be activated!

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