Other archaeological traces you can observe on satellite images

The geoglyphs are not the only structures you can observe from pre-spanish time on the satellite images. The numerous archaeological sites along the river valley borders are easily to detect because of the wild excavation holes lying close together (example).The adobe pyramid complex of Cahuachi is not so well visible by satellite images. Fascinating is a ditch-and wall system closing off a dry valley between mountains from the plain. – Also fascinating are systems of land parcels and teraces, the same at the rim of the more southern river oasises, but only seldom in the area of the geoglyphs far away from any water course.

At the top of a strongly teraced hill near Nazca, faint fundament traces of a probably pre-spanisch square building can be recognizend. Not far from there, the restored control shafts of historic Puquios (underground water channels) are to be seen. Unrestored puquios near the Río Taruga are much heavier recognizable from above! Then an when, ancient traces of cultivation can be detected in valleys which became deserts meanwhile.

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